giovedì 3 gennaio 2013

Educate the Heart

Tanto bianco e nero, transizioni fluide che simboleggiano come ogni cosa sia interconnessa in questa animazione realizzata dall’agenzia creativa Giant Ant per il Centro Dalai Lama al fine di promuovere pace e istruzione nel mondo.
“Educate the Heart” sono due emozionanti minuti di filmato con un voice-over che descrive l’impegno e la filosofia del centro nella ricerca continua di educare umanamente i più giovani promuovendo pace e istruzione.

Il testo del discorso:

When a child is born
we do everything we can
to protect them, nurture them, love them.
A child’s heart and mind are fragile.
As they grow we want to teach them everything that we know;
we send them to school to fill their minds with wonderful knowledge,
to give them the tools they need for life.
At school they get a taste of what things are like in the world outside;
there’s friendship, romance,
disappointment, embarrassment,
discrimination and bullying.
But are the tools we give them enough to prepare them for this world?
We have an enormous responsibility
and an amazing opportunity.
If we truly want to prepare them for the world outside,
we must also educate the heart,
because to navigate the world outside with compassion, acceptance and tolerance,
we need to teach them compassion, acceptance and tolerance.
This can begin in our schools and it can start today;
it can happen at hockey practice, dance class, at day camps and music lessons
and it’s already happening around the world with astonishing results.
If we want our children to grow into socially and emotionally capable young people
we must ask for a balanced education that puts importance on educating both the mind
and the heart.


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